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With the enactment of the  resolution No. 597/11 of the National Securities Commission, the MAE is      strongly committed to the development of a new primary market placements      securities. We provide the following documents to consider      of interest to the participants in this new market.


Information for Issuers / Placement


             Advised the Issuers / Placement applying for primary placement of its securities through the MP-MAE system, in order to obtain authorization for secondary trading of such securities to this market should begin the process of routine application simultaneously public offering filed with the CNV or, if sufficient time the initiation of the diffusion period and placement of these species.             
             These should follow the guidelines established in the Guide For Negotiation in the MAE of, published in this Web page.

Document of Interest

“Ejemplos de Adjudicación considerando CAP”. Págs. 188 y ss. del Manual de Colocaciones Primarias MPMAE que se encuentra incluido en la WEB. Dicho sistema fue homologado por la Comisión Nacional de Valores mediante Resolución Nº 15.021 del 17 de Febrero del 2005 )
Criterio interpretativo vinculado con la RESOLUCIÓN GENERAL Nº 597 (actualizado 08/08/2012)
Guía para la colocación primaria en el módulo de licitaciones del sistema SIOPEL del MAE (actualizado 22/11/2013)
Versión PDF del manual SIOPEL Negociación para Colocadores del mercado primario. Contiene una descripción detallada del funcionamiento del sistema.
Guía para la conexión al Módulo de licitaciones de SIOPEL para entidades que no son Agentes del MAE
Versión PDF del manual SIOPEL para participantes web en el mercado primario.
Diagrama con los plazos previstos para realizar una Colocación Primaria a través del MAE y plazos para negociación secundaria
Circuito de interacción entre el MAE y los colocadores que utilicen el MPMAE
Diagrama con los principales escenarios dentro del mercado.
Modelo de aviso para la suscripción de Obligaciones Negociables a través del Mercado Primario de MAE (MPMAE)
Modelo de aviso de resultados de colocación de Obligaciones Negociables a través del Mecado Primario de MAE (MPMAE)
Modelo de aviso para la suscripción de Fideicomisos Financieros a través del Mecado Primario de MAE (MPMAE)
Modelo de aviso de resultados de colocación de Fideicomisos Financieros a través del Mecado Primario de MAE (MPMAE)
Modificación de Arts. 57 a 61 del Capítulo VI de las Normas (N.T. 2001 y mod.)
Autorización de la CNV del Mercado Primario de MAE
Reglamentacion del Sistema de Colocacion Primaria

Legal notice about the contents of this page

Mercado Abierto Electronico informs all interested parties that the information published in this MAE website has been authorized by the Security Exchange Commission (CNV), which means that all requirements regarding information issues have been met. Neither this Market nor CNV have expressed an opinion regarding the contents of the information published. Veracity of information contained in the Prospecto (Prospectus), Suplemento de Precio (Price Supplement), Aviso de Suscripción y Resultado de Colocación (Registration Note and Placement Results) are the sole responsibility of the Issuer’s Board of Directors. Decree No. 677/01 states that security issuers, together with members of the administration and auditing bodies, the latter within their competence, and if applicable offerers of securities in this connection, as well as the people who sign the Prospect to issue securities for public offering, will be held responsible for all the information that is included in the Prospectus that they register in CNV. Brokers that participate as organizers or offerers in a buy or sell public offer must review carefully the information contained in the Offer Prospectus. Experts or third parties who express an opinion about certain sectors of the Prospectus will be only responsible for that part of the information they have expressed an opinion on.

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